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its a sheeps life


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once more into the breach dear friends

here we go.........


well, the first month of the year is over. didn't it go fast!?!


it is, i feel, time for some more raving from the mind of a ( if i say so myself ) um sorry, mad laughter, got the better of me but i am ok now.


well, i say "ok" but really, who of us is "ok"?

i have met, talked to and at times argued with many people in my life and i can safely say that i have yet to met someone who is sane.


it doesn't look good for the future of our world.


what a drama over the cartoon that has recently been printed in the pages of several newpapers in the last week or so.


good grief, do we have freedom of speech or not!?

as for the religous idiots out there who are sooo upset, i can only say: GET A LIFE. or better yet, end it.


religion of nearly any sort has been a majour pain in the ass of man since the first prayers were ever uttered. i say ban all the churchs and throw religion back into the hearts of man where it belongs.


look, people should be free to believe what they want, but also not to believe what they want. the problem is that people who believe often try to tell non-believers what they should or shouldn't feel and do. well bugger that.


violence is not the solution to any problem and to promote it in the name of a god is the most ironic stupidity of all.


so lets burn the bible and the koraan and get on with life. you dont agree, thats fine, just don't tell me i can't think like that.


i believe in god, it's people i have trouble believeing in........!




Posted: 01:37, 4/2/2006

the first message

the new year



happy new year, 364 days to go........damn.


Posted: 01:36, 1/1/2006
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on the flip side



on the other side of the computer screen we live in ignorance of the comings and goings of the ether world of messages and execute commands that form the internet web that we have come to rely on so much for our communiocation.


as in life, virus's cruise this inner world and as in life they sometimes have fatal implacations for the recipiant of these sick little jokes.

our computers, much like us, require a flu prik every now and then to ensure their continuing good health.


one wonders what will happen when a.i. and nano technology reach o point of sentinent awarness within the web world. will hackers who spread these viru's be accountable for the death of an a.i. following the introduction of a virus?

will the a.i. protect themseleves with ever increasingly drastic messures to prevent infection? will we see the rise of an virtual justice system, dedicated to the persuit and prosicution of offenders, both real and artifical?


will a.i.'s from different cultures and governments persue a virtual sort of war, destroying main frames as they go. will the web become a war-zone sowen with virus-mines, awaiting an unsupecting net surfer to cruise accross their path and detonate in a swirl of flickering screen and crashing software?


the end is near, let us stop the persuit of a.i and throw our computers out the window. let us return to the good old land line and old fashioned post. i  for one  will be glad to once again be able to send mail without having to shove the envolope through my disk drive.




wolly mad sheep

Posted: 01:19, 1/1/2006
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they lied



it's true they lied to us. what exactly they lied about i am not sure, but on principle i am sure that, somewhere, somehow, THEY lied.

think about it

Posted: 20:29, 30/12/2005
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and so the saga continues



once again into the....oh blow that for a game of ping-pong.


so here we are ( or i am ) the end of another year. time marchs on and stands still for no man, woman or child. the new year is openm and fresh, spread before us as we stand on the line under starters orders.

pages of a book,if you will, that we have yet to fill with our exploits, doings and darring do all.


so! what have got planned for the year to come??? well buggered if i know really. time seems to speed up as the years go by and it seems that these days we hardly have time to catch our breath before the next turn of the wheel spins us off in a new direction.

this is the time to reflect. to take a moment for our selves and to see where it is our planning is taking us. are we on thye right track, are we headed on the path that we choose to walk those many years ago?


look at this seriously! dont jut pay it lip service. "oh , you know, i took a few moments to reflect and i'm on track".

no! think about it!! think back to all those dreams you had as a child. the plans you had for yourself when you left school.

are you doing what you want to be doing, are you happy!?


it's never too late to change our heading in life. to step out and say no! i want something else, something more or just to  do something for ourself before time catchs us up and all thats left is ' mabys ' and 'what ifs '.


the regulations and rules do not apply to those who choose not to obey them. think about this......locks are to keep honest people out.



reflect and plan...who knows what 2006 holds for the takers and getters



the wolly sheep


new year cheer




Posted: 20:13, 30/12/2005
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life, death and the whole nine yards

oh my. what i have i started on??


yes i too am now a blog user. damn, one more strand of non-conformity torn asunder by societys ever present pressure to conform to the box, when i know that iwas born a circle......


.....oh well, shit happens.

this an expression that seems to me to sum up life, death and the whole nine yards perfectly!

yes yes a bit of  depressive outlook but what can i say?


well actually i could say ahell of a lot, but most of it wony interest you, the reader, so i shall spare you the more extreme and high blown rantings of a mind gone to seed.


needless to say, just because i will spare you the worsest of my rantings, that i shall never the less rant and rave and spuit nonsense to you ay every oppertunity i get.


there is no time like the present to start doing this so here goes............


in the beginning of life, when i was a small fish like thing in the womb of my boilogical oven. ( haven been bought into being by the sperm and egg doners who created me, un asked i might add) i swam and gazed, admittedly ther was not much to gaze at, but never the less i gazed and swam and pretty much did what i wanted for nine months.


then came a day of rumbling and movement. sounds of the end of the world i knew drifted down through the layers of skin and fat that cocooned me in safety and a light at the end of the tunnel really was a train coming the other way( haha haha haha)having had no time to ajust or take in my surroundings i was promtly abused by a hand spanking my ass and heard the satisfied sigh as i began to cry. well let me tell you, right there and then i knew the world in which i had come was compossed manly of sadistic bastards who reaped joy from anothers pain, ( just how rught i was is really scary).


having entered the dawn of a new age i was promply abandonned by said biological-oven ( the sperm donner had long ago run for the hills having got his rocks oof in the house of my creation) and was given up for adoption, sniff sniff.


no one told me to look cute, no parading in front of potential parents while they answered my many questions, so i could see if they were suitable for me, oh no. to add insult to injury someone inan office somewhere,with a stroke of a pen, decided my future.


it is important to note that i did come to a good home but somehow that dosent ease the indignity of the whole process!


so there i was, second hand goods. tossed on the sea of adoption to sink or swim.

i swam, if only for a chance to one day have my revenge and i am a stubborn bastard so no one gets me to my knees that easily!!


i have now lived in this world for 34 years and 4 mnths. like i said "shit happens".


oh yes. i also have trouble with depression and relizing my own potential. appartently i am quite intelligent and have the potential to go far ( i will have to take their word for it, i see little of my brain at the best of times)but seem to somehow have managed to avoid this up until now.


bla bla, depression is a strange thing, a monster with a life of its own. it roams the corridoors of my heart and mind. dragging its luggage of fear and confussion behind it like an american tourist on holiday in florida. its foot-steps ring hollow in my head. in an attempt to escape this monster i have taken flight, often to the edge ( its scared of hieghts), so that i may have some me time,free of its insideous whispering.


the edge is a radical place to visit btu i wouldn't want to live there. at least not for more then a couple of days. on the edge you can see the whole evrything streching before you in a sort of acid 3d nightmare of amazing beauty. blood drips like rain, voices scream and nails are drawn accross the blackboard of the soul. oh yes its a funky place full of surprises. there are no maps, so a sense of direction is very important.but once you've got the hang of it, its quite a nice trip.


i have spent much time with my toes in the void if insanity, drinking with the gods of selfdestruction.i have bleed for them, drank for them.swallowed, smoke and mixed for them. but i have also refused them. denonced their religion and spat intheir collective faces out of defiance.


until now, no thunder bolts from the beyond, so thats ok



in the end, shit happens, you deal with it or you dont...thats always your choice.





the whitesheep of blog 

Posted: 22:00, 22/12/2005
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